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Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 22:24:01 -0400
From: "C McClelland" 
Subject: f/filter/take_a_picture.crd

Take A Picture

Tabbed AND Transcribed by Colin McClelland.
This is all my own work.  You think I'm stupid?


Here we go...

The very beginning of the song has a part that
nobody really knows about unless you own the CD.
It's an electric guitar playing the main theme.
It's so soft and overlooked, that radio DJs usually
speed through this part, but it provides a basis on
what's to come.

Electric w/ distortion

       A2            Asus4   A    Dsus4 D     Dsus4  D

It only exists for the beginning so if you're lazy you
don't have to learn it.

Immediately after, they whip out the acoustic.
He uses these chords:

A2  A  A2  Asus4  A  Dsus4  D  Dsus4 D

Easy.  In case you're new to guitar, here they are in
the dreaded TABLATURE form.

  A2      A     Asus4      Dsus4      D
e-0       0      0          3       2
b-0       2      3          3       3
G-2       2      2          2       2
D-2       2      2          0       0
A-0       0      0          0       0
E-0       0      0          X       X

That's all of the verses.  The elcectric  comes
in after the lead singer sings that impossible note
near the end of the first verse.  It uses the same
chords as the acoustic, and DOES NOT do what it did
at the very beginning.

During the chorus, the guitars play opposite the
bass, and lay down these chords:


Do not play them as the full bar chord.
It won't sound right if you do.

I have been asked to do the guitar solo that happens
when he's screaming "Hey dude, what do ya think about
your song now?" but I have recieved word for a reliable
source that that is not a guitar at all, but a
syntheized keyboard.  Therefore, it is not included here.

email me  at jetalone@hotmail.com
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