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Artist : Finch 
Song: Letters to You
Album: What it is to Burn
Tuning: Dropped C (No it isnt standard, you can 
play it in standard but it doesn't sound right
if you have someone singing it because Finch plays
all their music in Drop C. 

You only need the low E (Db) string to play this on bass so 
I won't even put the other strings. and I'm sure this 
tab is correct we play this song all the time in practice.

> = Play multiple times with rhythm
~ = Let note ring 

Intro: Just Guitar 

Verse: Play each note multiple times with the songs rhythm

Db --0>-----4>------5>------7>---------

Pre Chorus 

Db --4-4-4-4-4-----5-5-5-5-5-5-----0~-------


Db --9>-----5>------0>------4>----------

Then go thru Verse, Pre Chorus, Chorus again


Db ----00-00-00-00-00- and so on, it's all open on the Db
	 	       just figure the rhythm out.
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