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tabbed by jordan gulish
any comments e mail me at hurlex@msn.com

drop d tuning plus a half step down every string.

pm  . . .-palm muted
x-mute the string with ur finger

lead guitar for the intro.         
do this 12 times first then second time 10
|----------------------------------|bb }
|----------------------------------|gb }2x
|----------------------------------|db }

rythm guitar for intro. start this after lead does its part
twice through.     do this whole bit 2x  

after this part.   |do this part 5x |then this
|xx-xxxxx-x-x-xxxxx|x -x -x x x x x |xxxxxxxx|db

after u do that bit twice wait for the lead to do its intro part
1 time through then do this dump. this is the verse by the way.
first part is both guitars. 2nd part is lead. the rythm comes in 
with a pick scrape towards the end leading into the chorus.
 rest in between these                                             ^rythm
chords. let the last                                              guitar pick
one ring a little then                                            scrapes here
pick scrape                                                       the 2nd time
   chorus lead                                                            
|54-545-545-545-545-545-5{0450450404504504}|note:the first time going
|------------------------{0450450404504504}|through the chorus do the
|------------------------{0450450404504504}|chord part of it 1x
                          ^     2x       ^______
                          |do this twice after  |
                          |u go and do the intro|
                          |and verse again/    |
    chorus rythm guitar           
do the intro again. for lead do its part 11 times and rythm do its part once
coming in after lead does its part once.

then do the verse over again

then chorus (with the end chords 2x)
u let the last chord ring for a couple
seconds then u discard your mega distortion
and drop it into clean for the interlude

|--7----7--4----4--7----7--4----4--4--4-4--5--7-7--|this is for the lead

|--------------------------------------------------|this is for the rythm
|--------------------------------------------------|play this after lead 
|222222224444444422222222444444444-----------------|does its part once

then RIGHT after that clean interlude, blast your distortion
and do this part which is your outro for this song.

|----------------------------------------------|  |------------------------|
|----------------------------------------------|  |------------------------|
|----------------------------------------------|  |------------------------|
|0-000-0-0--00-0-000-0-00-0--00-0-00-444-5555-5|  |444-5555-5444-5555--550~|
|0-000-0-0--00-0-000-0-00-0--00-0-00-444--555--|  |444--555--444--555----0~|
                                     ...  ...  pm  ...  ...  ...  ...

that is it. u dont like tell me. please rate it. finch is a great band one of
my favorites. even tho i hate what it is to burn the song, this cd what it is 
to burn is one of the best this year.post script is by far the best song on the
cd.total jamadge by the band.the whole cd is incredable except the
last song(what it is to burn).if u dont have it yet buy it dammit!
and go see them in concert! well enjoy godbless.

oh yeah by the way this is my very first tab...
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