• Song:

    Love Stepped In

  • Artist:

    Finding Favour

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Love Stepped In
Finding Favour

Verse 1
       Fsus2                 C5               Am7            Gsus   
He was Preaching down at the Third and main as I was passing By.  
       Fsus2                C5                   Gsus
He was Talking kinda crazy, Warning us about the End of time.
       Fsus2              C5            Am7                      Gsus   
Then Out from the Crowd I Asked him how God could love a mess like Me.

            Dm7                                     Gsus
Son, Im a  Preacher now, but that aint who I used to be.

        Fsus2              C5                Gsus             Am7       
He said / Youll never know / youll never know / just how far love has 
brought me.
Fsus2              C5              Gsus
/ Youll never know / who I used to be.
Fsus2                   C5             Gsus                Am7      C/E
/ Cause Ive been around / Ive been down / to the bottom of Hell and Back again.
Fsus2              C5           Gsus2    (no chord)
/ I was almost out / I was at my end    Then Love stepped in

Verse 2
          Fsus2               C5            Am7          Gsus   
Well she Worked downtown at a Halfway house Almost every Day.
    Fsus2                C5               Gsus
And all the Love she has / she just Gives away.
     Fsus2             C5                          Am7             Gsus   
So I Asked her why she Spends so much time with the Broken and the Poor.
         Dm7                                 Gsus
She just Smiled at me and said, Im not who I Was before.
(Back to Chorus)

Verse 3
       Fsus2            C5                  Am7              Gsus   
I look back sometimes at where Ive been and just how far I’ve come
          Fsus2             C5                     Gsus
Since the day that preacher told me about an amazing love.
      Fsus2                 C5                   Am7              Gsus   
I was lost and alone when the lights came on and hope set my heart free.

      Dm7                            Gsus
In my darkest hour, Grace took a hold of me.  
(Back to chorus)
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