• Song:

    Broken Words

  • Artist:

    Finger Eleven

  • Album:

    Greyest Of Blue Skies

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Song: Broken Words (acoustic)
Band: Finger Eleven
Tuning: Tuned down half a step (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)
Tabbed by: ~KasarA~  jermaine51@hotmail.com

Asus4 = x02200
Bsus4 = x24400
C = x32010
D* = x54030 (note that D is played differently)
F#/Asus4 = 202200
Em = 022000

Verse 1:
C D* Em
your sweet little hands
D* C
brush right past me
Asus4 Em
and sometimes you don't understand
D* C
why you can't reach
D* Em
I bite when I don't wanna bend
D* C
how silent I can be
so she is silent too 

Em C D* Asus4
she's the one who saw my words 
Em C F#/Asus4 
broke and torn at the seams
Em C D* Asus4
and broken words were all she heard
Em F#/Asus4 Bsus4 C
now she's walking away from me 

Verse 2:
D* Em
and some were meant
D* C 
and some meant well
Asus4 Em
the difference between us is so
D* C
hard to tell
D* Em
and I was so shaken but now
D* C
all I see
is everything she meant to me


Bridge (Em, x32xxx, x42xxx, x52xxx) - repeat 3 times

Em (strum 3 times)

Chorus x2

End on Em instead of C on last chorus.
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