• Song:

    One Thing

  • Artist:

    Finger Eleven

  • Album:

    [non-album tracks]

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Hey guys  .. if u listen to this song, you will see that all the other tabs have  the bass note an octave too high, and fixing this is no problem 
just tune your guitar a half step down on the A string.  you can do this by tuning the open A string to the E string on the 4th fret.  c ya l8er guys 
E    ---------------------------------------------9--------9------------------------ 
B    ---9----------9--------6--------6-----------------------------9-------------- 
G    --------8-------8----------8-------8-----------8------8---------------------- 
D    ----------6-------6----------6-------6-----------6------6-------------------- 
Ab ---0--------------------0-------------------0------------------0-------------- 
E    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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