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Song: Quicksand 
Artist: Finger Eleven 
Album: Tip 
Tabbed By:Zac (awbrewer@telusplanet.net) 

5 String Tuning (Low to High) B E A D G 


G --------------- 
D --------------- 
A ----5-44-----21 
E --------11-1--- 
B /44------------ 

(Repeat throughout.  Really listen to the song for timing!!) 

G --------------- 
D --------------- 
A ----333------66 (hold 6s last time before chorus) 
E -------32------ 
B 44--------4---- 


G -------------------------------------------------------------- 
D -------------------------------------------------------------- 
A 111/222----111/2--- 1h2--11/2p0h1-111/222-----11/2---1h2--1/2- 
E -------222-------------2-----------------222-------------2---- 
B -----------------44---------------------------------4--------- 

Play verse (you even get a solo!) until 1:38 (after "eyes are deep  
and they're cynical") then play 

A -55h6666  

and continue with verse. 

Then, at 2:13 

B -3333/7777- 

until 2:25 (after "I lost my self confidence") 

B -2*-1*-4444*-2-1-4444*      Hold until 2:49 and then play the main  

bridge riff, which is 

G ----------------------------------------22 
D ----5-----------5--------5---------5------ 
A ------------------------------------------ 
E ------------------------------------------ 
B -44---2-3-4--44--1/4-44---2-3-4-44---4---- 

Then play chorus and bridge to the end of the song, ending on Eb 
(B -4-) and you're done.  Enjoy.
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