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    Finger Eleven

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    Finger Eleven (bonus di...

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This isn't the complete tab, just the very cool groove played at the beginning of the song and a couple times through out. I'm too lazy to do the entire song right now.
I'm also to lazy the tab out every cymbal crash... you should *** well be able to figure that out on your own! And for all you people out there who just like pointing out mistakes in tabs, I know there's some 16th's thrown in on the Hi-Hat but I don't care! This tab is just so newer drummers can get the basics of a cool groove. Then the may proceed to embelish it as they see fit.

Band: Finger Eleven
Song: Suffocate
Drummer: Rich Beddoe
Tabber: SoulRift

HH = Hi-Hat (x=strike it while closed o=while open)
SD = Snare Drum
BD = Base Drum


It's a pretty slow groove, with a nice feel. Lots of oppurtunity for all sorts of cool stick twirling without dropping a beat. Enjoy!
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