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    Finger Eleven (bonus di...

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Song: Tip 
Artist: Finger Eleven 
Album: Tip 
Tabbed by: Zac (awbrewer@telusplanet.net) 

 This song is pretty repetitive, so it shouldn't be too hard 
to pick up.  Like all F11 songs, tune to 5 string! 


G ------------------------ 
D ------------------------ 
A ------------------------ 
E --333---666-----333--666 
B 4-----4----5-4-----4---- 


"One more day to fool them all" and "One more day to fade..."  
G ------------------------- 
D ------------------------- 
A ------------------------- 
E --44-44-44-44-5555-44-44- 
B ------------------------- 

(no vocals) 
G ------------------------- 
D ------------------------ 
A ------------------------ 
E ------------------------ 
B -0-2-0-2-3-2-0-2-0-2-3-2 


G ---------------------------3-4-6----------------------------- 
D 11-11-11----999-444-444-0-4----------11-11-11----999-444-444/ 
A --------777----------------------444----------777------------ 
E ------------------------------------------------------------- 
B ------------------------------------------------------------- 

Bridge (at about 2:00) 

G ------------------------------------ 
D ------------------------------------ 
A ----------2h3h4p3p2p0----------44444 
E -----5555-----------------5555------ 
B 2-22------------------2-22---------- 

(It's probably best just to improvise something here, it's  
pretty hard to hear what Sean is playing between the C#/A segments.) 

And that should be it.
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