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    Angels Heap

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This was on the Finn album, but there is a much better version on the live 7 Worlds Collide album.

Standard Tuning Chords used:

Bm = X24432
G = 320033
D = XX0232
A7sus4 = X2032 
Em9 = 020032

Im not sure of the exact name of those last 2 chords, but that'll do. 


D - A7sus4 - Em9
Walking intro solo thing on the second guitar:



D    A7sus4       Em9   
News travels fast

D    A7sus4       Em9 
Theres an old wreck in the underpass

D    A7sus4       Em9 
Wine in a glass

D    A7sus4       Em9 
And a well traveled bed

D    A7sus4       Em9 
Down the length and breadth of the motorway

D    A7sus4       Em9 
Down the information highway


Bm         G       Bm       G     
I took a ride in an angel's heap

        Bm      G               Bm          G
And she took me away to where the hills are steep

        Bm             G         Bm         G       
And she made me come alive in a red vinyl seat

D    A7sus4       Em9 
Yeah I took a ride

And then back to the verse, and repeat. This is tabbed from the live version on 7
worlds collide, and there are another couple of solos here and there, but they're
all built around D the same as the intro solo above, so just play with that. 

Comments welcome.
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