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Gm                  F
 I'm undecided about you again
Gm                      C
 Mightn't be right that you're not here
Cm                          Dm
 It's double-sided 'cause I ruined it all
         D7M                                Bb   Bb7
-But also saved myself by never believing you, Dear

Everything good I deem too good to be true
Everything else is just a bore
Everything I have to look forward to
Has a pretty painful and very imposing before

Chorus: (twice)
Dm         Am              Em                  Em - Ebm - Dm
O' sailor why'd you do it -What'd you do that for?
Dm              Am            G
Saying there's nothing to it -And lettin' it go by the boards

I have too been playing with fifty-two cards
-Just 'cause I play so far from my vest
Whatever I've got, I've got no reason to guard
What could I do, but spend my best

[Chorus (twice)]

Ab    Ab/F                      C/D
  And after waiting, fighting patiently on my knees
Ab            Ab/F                    Cm
 All the other stuff tired itself out first, not me
Ab                Ab/F                   C/D
 And in its wake, appeared the touch and call of a different breed
Eb                    Cm               D                 Dm
One who set to get me wise and got me there and then, got me
And what a thing to know what could be instead
Oh, what a blessed curse; to see
It took the agenda from its place in my bed
Made a merry paramour of me

[Chorus once]

Dm         Am              Em                   Em - Ebm - Dm
O' sailor why'd you do it -What'd you do that for
Dm              Am         G
Giving me eyes to view it -As it goes by the boards
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