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Intro: Gm F 2X

Gm F
Sometimes I feel so cold

Like I'm waiting

Around all by myself

Loneliness gets so old

I'm in the lost and found

Sitting on the shelf
D#5      F
Been stuck for way too long

But I hear Your voice

You're who I'm counting on

Gm   D#5  F  Bb F 2 X
Oh, tell me You're here

That You

Will watch over me forever

Oh, take hold of my heart

Show me

You'll love me forever

D#5   F

Gm F
I know that You can tell

When I start

To let my hope fade away

I need to catch myself

Open my ears to hear

You calling my name
D#5 F
Been fighting way too long

But I hear Your voice

You had me all along

F#  Gm    Bb  F  F# Gm F  F#
When I'm starting to drown

You jump in to save me

When my world's upside down

Your hands

They shake me and wake me

Refr?o  2 X
D#5   F
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