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(intro 4x)  G Em C D

G               Em         C       D
It seems just like yesterday
G                   Em               C        D
When Julie showed up and took daddy away
G             Em            C       D            G       Em     C   D
 The way that dress wore her, a fitting reminder..... oh yeah
G                 Em              C       D
That year everything felt so cold
G          Em               C              D
Mom was so young, now she's feeling so old
G           Em        C         D        G             Em   C   D
 No matter how she tries, she can't put it behind her

C                  D          C              D
 I went from 8 to 18, dad went from me to her

G          Em             C                    D
 I remember the day and the week and the weather
G             Em             C             D
 The smile on your face as you walked away
G            Em                  C            D
I remember the part where he left us forever
 C                          Bm             Am
At the time I thought that it was the end
        C                D             G
Can you remember how you loved me then?

( Em C D )

( G Em C D )

G                   Em   C    D
 I can't stand this anymore
G                   Em                C            D
 Haven't you changed since you walked out that door
G              Em        C   D        G      Em   C  D
 I wonder how it'd be if you hadn't found her




Am            Em
Let it go I will say no
           C                               D
 I can't care anymore, I can't love anymore
Am                  Em                   C     D
I tried to hold onto something that we lost before...

(Uma breve pausa, ent?o apenas um cantor e guitarrista tocar o refr?o)
(Ent?o o resto da banda toca)
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