• Song:


  • Artist:

    Five Iron Frenzy

  • Album:

    Upbeats and Beatdowns

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Ok, My last version of this song bit it pretty bad so here are the 
correct chords 
Intro:   D5  F#5  B5  A5     D5  F#5  B5  G5  A5 

Verse 1: 
D5                                          F#5   
You've got A cause now, I heard you braggin'. 
B5                            A5 
Always the fastest one on the BandWagon. 
D5                    F#5   
So sit down and I'll tell you,  
B5                        G5                A5 
what I'm feeling, what I am feeling. 
D5                    F#5                                  B5 
For a lack of better words you are stealing,  
A5                            D5                   F#5   
you are stealing all of my joy away from me. 
B5                                       G5  A5 
Whatever happened to a unity?  
        G5                                       A5 
We cut ourselves, our own limbs we've severed.  
       B5                  F#5                            G5              B5 
It's time for us to pull together and stand, as one. 
All eyes are turning towards the Son now.   
D5                                             A5 
Drop your fists now,  what you resent.  
         B5                            F#5 
Let's not forget who we represent. 
        G5               C#5            D5 
And fall to our knees in unity. 
Verse 2:   (same chords as 1st) 
Another day now, another doctrine,  
another monkey wrench in the system. 
Some folks kneelin', some just listen, 
some fallin' out of the pews from twistin'. 
I don't care kids, how you do it. 
United we'll stand and we can pull through it. 
All were dead once, all enslaved. 
Now pull together 'cause we've all been saved. 
At 1:40 play this: 
G A   
Verse 3: 
The only Jesus this world's gonna see,  
is the Jesus in you and me. 
So pick your cross up, stop your swingin'. 
Stop and look at the stink your bringin', 
to this body with your fighting, 
you bust more knuckles than the wrongs your righting. 
What's important is where we relate, 
it's the meaning of the word Amalgamate. 
That's pretty much it I think.
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