• Song:

    Absolutely Right

  • Artist:

    Five Man Electric Band

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Basic rhythm (acoustic) guitar - use first position chords 

Intro: A5     D5    A5    D5    G5    E5    

A5           D5               A5                D5 
Here  I am again mama , I'm knockin' on your door 
        A5           D5                   A5           D5 
If you let me in I swear I won't be the way I was before 
                    A5                   D5         
Don't you know that I've been thinkin' about what you told me 
A5                D5 
Rollin' it over in my mind 
    A5           D5 
And much to my surprise I find that you were... 
A5          D5 
Absolutely right 
            G5          C5 
You've been right all along          
       B5         E5               A5        D5    G5   D5   A5   
You're absolutely right and I was wrong (fill 1) 
A5            D5 
Second time around should be easy 
A5              D5                    A5 
Break down the walls between me and you  
          D5              A5        D5 
So we can see completely how easy love can be 
  A5                   D5 
I know it was you who said that you'd believe 
          A5                       D5 
If I came crawlin' back to you upon my knees and you were...(to Chorus) 
A5  D5   G5                   E5 
Ah - I wish that you could see 
A5  D5     G5             E5 
Ah - how bad I want to be 
A5  D5                    G5                    E5 
Ah - the kind of man to whom you'd give your key (fill 2) 
A5       D5                   A5                D5        
If you let me in and if the moon comes up on time 
            A5              D5                 A5                  D5 
We could be sittin' by the fire this evening drinkin' home made wine 
       A5                   D5 
We can laugh and dance and sing and play 
A5        D5 
Love the night away 

'Cause you were...  (to Chorus) 

Repeat Chorus X2 - end with  
( D5 )    A5       D5      A5     D5      A5     D5   G5  D5  A5 
...I'm wrong      I'm wrong    I'm wrong 

Fill 1:                                       .  .  . 
e | ---7b8--7b8r--5-----5-------------------5--------------------------- |  
B | -----------------8-----7--8-8--7--5--7------------------------------ |  
G | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |  
D | --------------------------------------------7--7--7----------------- |  
A | --------------------------------------------0--0--0----------------- |  
E | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |  

Fill 2: 
e | ----7b8r--5--------------------------------------------------------- |  
B | ------------8---5--------------------------------------------------- |  
G | -------------------7--5--------------------------------------------- |  
D | -------------------------7------------------------------------------ |  
A | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |  
E | -------------------------------------------------------------------- |  
  7b8: 7th bend to 8th 
  7b8r: 7th bend to 8th and release (back to 7th) 
   . : staccato
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