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    Flaming Lips

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Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning:

Intro: C5 ? Bb5 ? F5 [repeated] 

Verse 1 chords:
C5                        Bb5            F5      C5
Something in the way you love me won't let me be
                                    Bb5             F5      C5
I don't want to be your prisoner so baby won't you set me free
                            Bb5              F5
Stop playing with my heart, finish what you start
C5                           Bb5      F5                
When you make my love come down
       C5                    Bb5          F5
If you want me let me know, baby let it show
Honey don't you fool around

Interlude: C5 ? Bb5 ? F5 [repeat]

Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords]
Something in your eyes is makin' such a fool of me
When you hold me in your arms you love me till I just can't see
But then you let me down, when I look around, baby you just can't be found
Stop driving me away, I just wanna stay,
There's something I just got to say

Pre-chorus chords:
A5      F5      D5               G5           A5
   Just try to understand, I've given all I can
           F5               G5
'Cause you got the best of me

Chorus chords:
G5           E5                A5       G5       F5              
Borderline,    feels like I'm going to lose my mind
                         C5                G5
You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline

Outro: C5 ? Bb5 ? F5 [repeat till fade out]
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