• Song:

    They Punctured My Yolk

  • Artist:

    Flaming Lips

  • Album:

    Clouds Taste Metallic

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C5          D5
They never called me

G5         C5
Up to the tower.

C5          D5
We gave it to them

G5            C5
They had the power.

And power is the thing

     C5                      G5
That made you take off from me.

C5                       D5
We trained hard for the mission

G5            C5
All floating over.

C5                    D5
Though we're in zero gravity

G5            C5
It pulled us closer.

(The little interlude between verses)

C5                       D5
We were once off to the planets

G5          C5
Inside our spacesuits.

C5                        D5
Now I'm left here on the landing

G5            C5
The rocket's flame boost.

And it's leaving without me

    C5                 B5
And you go off to the stars

B5 A5 A5
(Transition into 3rd verse, and new key)

D5                           E5
Goodbye goodbye look as the clouds burst

A5               D5
They're growing taller.

D5                              E5
And as your ship leaves in the distance

A5             D5
My world gets smaller.

And it takes you worlds away

  D5                        A5
A million light-years from me.

D5 E5 A5
(Outro with solo over progression)
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