• Song:

    Twenty Something

  • Artist:

    Flashbulb Fires

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He uses a fingerpicking pattern throughout most of the song.
For the C chord it would be this:

------------------ | ------------------ | 
-0-----0-----1---- | -0-----0-----1---- | 
------------------ | ------------------ | 
---3-----3-------- | ---3-----3-------- | 
------------------ | ------------------ | 
------------------ | ------------------ | 

C5             F5             C5
I am sweating bullets in the shade.

C5             F5             C5                       F5
I am drinking whiskey on the morning of your wedding day.

            A5   A5  C5   F5   C5
I think I'm weightless now.

             G5         A5         G5             C5
So I'm gonna sing hallelujah, the ship is goin' down.

C5                 F5                C5
Amy's friends all think I'm full of s---.

    C5                F5            C5                     F5
But all those m----- f-----, don't even know the half of it.

              G5         C5
They've never felt that cold.

             G5           A5              G5                C5
So I'm gonna walk to the west coast, the South is getting old.

C5     F5     A5     G5     A5     G5     C5

C5                F5            C5
Lately I've been lookin' for a fight.

  C5                 F5
I haven't felt this anxious since the

C5                 F5             G5      C5    F5       C5
day that I was baptised back in ninety-five.

             G5                 F5
So I'm gonna greet them with a smile.

A5                F5
Talk sports for a while.

G5              A5          G5             C5     C5     C5     C5
Knock a couple back on the front porch tonight.
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