• Song:

    Bird Song

  • Artist:

    Florence And The Machine

  • Album:

    Lungs: The B-Sides

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Florence + The Machine - Bird Song

It's basically the same chords throughout with alternating rhythm depending on 
what style you sing in. Enjoy!

Standard Tuning EADGBE

Intro - C (2nd String 3rd fret)

(Acapella) Well I didn't tell anyone but a bird flew by,
saw what I done he set up a nest outside
and he sang about what I'd become,
     C             G
He sang so loud, sang so clear
Am                   F
I was afraid all the neighbours would hear
     C             G
so I invited him in just to reason with him,
Am                   F (strum once)
promised I wouldn't do it again

But he sang
louder and louder inside the house
and now I couldn't get him out
so I trapped him under a cardboard box
stood on it to make it stop
I picked up the bird and above the dim
said that's the last time you'll ever sing
C                           G
Held him down, broke his neck
Am                                    F
 taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget

    C     G        Am     F
But in my dreams began to hear
     C   G 
that old familiar
Am (strum once)   F (strum once)
tweet    tweet    tweet
I opened my mouth to scream and shout
and I waved my arms and flapped about
but I couldn't scream and I couldn't shout
couldn't scream and I couldn't shout


Cause the song was coming...

        C   G          Am  F
from my mouth, from my mouth
        C   G          Am  F
from my mouth, from my mouth

(repeat to fade)
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