• Song:

    Broken Wings

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Dang! Studios

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Tuning: Drop D
Chords used:
E5  - 222xxx
F#5 - 444xxx
D   - 000xxx
A   - 777xxx

I still havent figured out the lead part to the choruses but when i do ill post a new 
If there are any mistakes just tell me and ill fix them. This is my first tab so dont be 
hard on me.

Intro: E5-F#5-D5--F#5-E5----|D5

Verse 1:
E5 F#5           D5
   Thank you for being such a friend to me
F#5     E5                D5
   Oh I pray a friend for life
F#5    A5            D5
   And have i ever told you how much you mean to me
F#5          E5             D5
   Oh you mean so much to me
E5     F#5              D5
   I'm Thinking all the time how to tell you what I feel
F#5    E5            D5
   I'm Contemplating phrases
F#5    A5         D5
   I'm gazing at eternity
F#5     E5            D5
   I am floating in serenity

Chorus 1:
    F#5  E5          D5
And I am so lost for words
    F#5  E5     D5
And I am so overwhelmed

Verse 2:
E5  F#5             D5
    Please don't go just yet
F#5          E5           D5
    Can you stay a moment please
F#5 A5             D5
    We can dance together
F#5 E5              D5
    We can dance forever

Chorus 2:
   F#5      E5     D5
Under your stars tonight
    F#5   E5          D5
And oh envied deep collide

Interlude: F#5-E5-D5 (x2)

    I think you
But don't dream too deep
And please pass me some memories
F#5                             E5
    And when I fall you're underneath
A thousand broken hearts
Carried by a thousand broken wings
A thousand broken wings

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