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Capo 1 fret
Intro 3x
Bm   D   C    D    G  D

Bm                D          
Sometimes life it takes you by the hair
D         C               D            G
Pulls you down before you know it its gone and you're   dead-again
Bm                  D
I've been in places and I won't pretend
C                D            G
Yeah I'd make it out just to fall on my head

Bm                   D
Wake up strange and take the walk downstairs
D       C             D            G
Hit the pawn up on the corner and pay for my rent
Bm                        D
You know that I could not believe my own truth
D     C               D             G
Just show them what I choose, I got nothing to lose.

       Bm                D
       Yeah Yeah and its ok
       D        C             D                 G        D
       I tie my hands up to a chair so I don't fall that way
       Bm                  D
       Yeah Yeah and I'm alright
       D        C                 D         G            D
       I took a sip of something poison but I'll hold on tight

Bm   D   C    D    G  D
Bm   D   C    D    G  D

Bm                        D
You know those days when you want to just choose
D      C          D                G
To not get out of bed you're just lost in your   head-again
Bm                     D
You play the game but you kind of cut
D            C           D             G
Cause you're coming down hard and your joints are all stuck

Bm                         D
I've tried to say that its not the only way
D       C               D     G
I never knew if I could face myself to change
Bm                     D                   C                 D
You were pacing, I was insecure   slip and fall  I'm dodging calls
Hug the prison I've been living in

Chorus  2x
Percussive break
Chorus repeat...  ooo wee ooo ooo...
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