• Song:

    Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope

  • Artist:

    Four Year Strong

  • Album:

    Rise or Die Trying

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e -------------------------------------------------------------|
b -------------------------------------------------------------|
g ----------------------------------------------------7s99-----| \
d -----------------------000--000---------------------X-XX-----|  2 times
a --12/---4---4-4h5---2~-000--000---2~--2--2h4---0----5s77-----| /
d 0-----0---0-------0----000--000-0---0--------0----0----------|
  pm   pm  pm      pm    pmpm pm  pm  pm      pm pm pm

Then the 2nd part is this, it changes to the octave chords in staid of the single notes.

e --------------------------------------------------------------|
b --------------------------------------------------------------|
g ---6---66s7-------------------4-4-6----2---7-99---------------| \
d ---X---XX-X-----000--000------X-X-X----X---x-xx---------------|  2 times
a ---4---44s5--2~-000--000---2~-2-2s4----0---5s77---------------| /
d -0---0-----0----000--000-0---0-------0---0--------------------|
  pm   pm    pm   pmpmpmpm    pm      pm  pm

h=hammer on
pm=palm mute

well thats it for the intro, these guys are a good band that need more exposure ps 
check this tab out and tab the whole song, i got started but i want other people to finish it 
me :]
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