• Song:

    Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope

  • Artist:

    Four Year Strong

  • Album:

    Rise or Die Trying

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Ok...... I might know thw whole song but I can't be arsed to write it out so heres the intro :D

btw this is a Drop D version.. they're in D standard usually :P


(Slide down frets)

e ------------------------------|
b ------------------------------|  /
g ------------------------------| /  X2
d ------------------------------| \
a -0-0-0-2-----------------5-4-0|  \ 
d ---------0---2-2-2-5-0--------|

Then A second guitar coames in and does a harmonic.

the first guitar does they exact same thing.. but the 2nd Guitar does something different :D

e -------------------------------------|
b -------------------------------------|  
g -------------------------------------|  /
d -------------------------------------| /  X2
a -4-4-4-5-0--2-2-2-4-0--7-9-----------| \
d -------------------------------------|  \

Thats all I know :D

tabbed by SnackerJackAttack!! ツ ™

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