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Pavement Tune
By The Frames

	Repeat the following a few times:


	Play the first half of the intro riff (the bit with the open A string)
	followed by a few big ringing E majors.
	Play this a few times.

	Then ("I can imgaine what they'd say" bit):


	Play this a few times and mix in the first half of
	the intro riff in between each one.

	Then onwards to the chorus...("I want my life to make more sense")

	All I can say for definite is that the chorus begins on an
	E chord and ends on an A chord.
	In between I normally just add F# and G# notes on the low
	E string but I've a feeling there's more going on than this, so...
	E->F#, G#->A
	(pick some of the bassier strings in the E and A rather than strumming them).

	This bit is tricky. There's some frenetic muted riffing on high strings
	most of the way through it, but the chord structure *seems* to be...

	C#m, B, F#m

	I'm not entirely sure about the F#m, you might prefer to use A.
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