• Song:

    Magdalene Laundry

  • Artist:

    Frances Black

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Love this song, but couldnt find the chords anywhere!!
Hope I did it justice, hope you all find it helpful.
Its pretty easy. This is my first tab so feel free to send me corrections and comments! XX

The strumming pattern I use is "Down,down,up,down,up,down,up"
No Capo and normal tuning.

Verse 1
                        AmThrought (x02210@1)the eyes of an innocent child
                   Fmaj7Can't (1x3210@1)hide what is burning inside
                  AmThe (x02210@1)shame and the guilt of disgrace
                   Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)They said she had fallen from grace
                 Dm (xx0231@1)To the arms of a train engineer
                     AmWho (x02210@1)escaped when the verdict was clear
                EmAnd (022000@1)saw she was quietly installed
                Amin (x02210@1)the Magdalen Laundry

   Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)      CAnd (x32010@1)oh you can find them there
Dm (xx0231@1)                    GSlaving (320003@1)each day in the heat and the steam
  Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)    CAnd (x32010@1)oh every bloody stain
        Dm (xx0231@1)        
Will be carefully scrubbed
                          G'Till (320003@1)it's white and it's clean

Verse 2
                AmThe (x02210@1)Sisters got angry today
                  Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)They took Bridie Power away
                  AmThey (x02210@1)said she had broken the rules
                   Fmaj7She (1x3210@1)swore that the priest
from the school...
               DmIf (xx0231@1)only they'd asked why she cried
                    AmThey (x02210@1)said they'd concluded she'd lied
                    Em (022000@1)The priest had his own alibi
                AmIn (x02210@1)the Magdalen Laundry


Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)                 C (x32010@1)           GA (320003@1)world set apart by magnolia walls
And it's hard to believe
          C (x32010@1)                GThat (320003@1)this happened at all
Fmaj7 (1x3210@1)             C (x32010@1)                G (320003@1)Pray the meek shall inhert this heart

Verse 3
               AmThe (x02210@1)Sisters of Mercy still live
                  Fmaj7In (1x3210@1)the convent on top of the hill
                 Am (x02210@1)The walls of the laundries came down
               Fmaj7Exposing (1x3210@1)their sins to the town
                  DmThe (xx0231@1)ghosts of the girls who had died
                 AmThe (x02210@1)souls of the ones who survived
           EmEcho (022000@1)their protest inside
             AmThe (x02210@1)Magdalen Laundry

Chorus x2

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