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C            F
All over the World
(F)         Dm       F
people must meet and part:
(F)                  G
there's someone like me
(G)       C
feeling a pain in their heart.

C             F
Some may meet again
(F)        Dm          F
under that same bright star,
(F)           G
if maybe some night
(G)           C
you come back from afar.
F               G
Who cares if to-night
(G)          C
I don't know where you are?

F                C     G
Are you thinking of me now?
F              Dm E
Missing having me around?
Dm               Dm7
If you have for- gotten me,
(Dm7) E                        C  G
my    World will come tumbling down.

C            F
All over the World
(F)        Dm     F
others are sad to-night.
(F)                  G
There's someone like me
(G)          C            
watching the Sun's fading light.

C            F
All over the sky
(F)          Dm        F
there is the same warm glow.
(F)             G
Here under that star
(G)         C
I'm wanting you to know,
F            G
wherever you are
(G)          C
that I still love you so.
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