• Song:

    Los Angeles

  • Artist:

    Frank Black

  • Album:

    1996-09-21: Santa Monic...

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From: schnitzi@longwood.cs.ucf.edu (Mark Schnitzius)

Here's a revised version of FB's Los Angeles -- the
intro was right before, but the rest was way off.
Please don't ask me what I was smoking, or where you
can get some.

'Los Angeles'
Transcribed by Mark Schnitzius

Bm          D
   I met a man

A         Bm
 He was a good man

F#m               E
   Sailing and shoring

D             A
  Dancing the beta can-can

Bm             E
   Making me foreign

D       A  Bbm Bm
   Oh yeah

A>>>C#  A>>>D  F
A>>>C#  A>>>D  F

      I want to live in Los Angeles

A>>>D                    F
      Not the one in Los Angeles

      No, not the one in South California

A>>>D                F
      The got one in South Patagonia

[The rest of the song follows either this progression or the
intro progression.  Here are the bar chords for the middle

  A     C#   D    F

mark schnitzius    isx corporation      schnitzi@east.isx.com
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