• Song:

    Pie In The Sky

  • Artist:

    Frank Black

  • Album:

    Teenager of the Year

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Pie In The Sky Tab by Frank Black

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From: GLove1012@aol.com
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 18:28:22 -0400

Pie in the Sky
Frank Black:  "Teenager of the Year"
Transcribed:  Jim Harney 5/29/96
Email:  "GLove_1012@aol.com"

-Verse 1-
It takes photon power
        and 8 minutes of an hour
        A             B
        to make it to our sun
And I know it sounds weird
        but it'll take 4 years
        A            F#
        to make the next one
-Chorus 1-
  B         G#    C#           C           D
Expanding boarder, that's the sauce of chaos
                        E           C#          G
        and that's an order...
-Verse 2-
So stomp your feet
        and clap your hands
        get out of your seat and do a little dance
Now lift your voice
        and sing with glee
        now listen carefully to me
-Chorus 2-
Desert your quarters, behold the pie in the sky
        and that's an order...

    E                        C                        A

    E   C#  A   B   E   C#  A   F#

    B   G#  C#  C   D       E   C#  G   D   C#  G

Electric guitar w/ distortion for best results.
Play with busy up-beat rhythm.
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