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    Frank Black

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    Live at the Reading Fes...

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From: schnitzi@east.isx.com (Mark J. Schnitzius)

Go out and buy this album.  Now.

From 'Teenager of the Year'

C   Bb    C#
 It isn't so great
          Eb      C#     Ab
Since you learned karate chop chop chop chop chop
C        Bb      C#
  You're walking machs
             Eb       C#     Ab
And I'm just swimming in the slop slop slop slop slop
C    Bb        C#
 You wave your wand at me
    Eb      C#    Ab
And make me dance flip-flop flip-flop flip
C  Bb      C#
 I want to sing for you
    Eb        C#      Ab
And make your head go pop pop pop pop pop

Bbm F#  E
The Inuit man
Bbm        F#     E
Had not so much a Caesar
Bbm     F#  E
  He had provision

You're spraying in the windy
And I'm just pissing off off off
I'm literally deaf down here
From your canned philosoph soph soph soph soph
Softly can you hear me
Through the sucking of your quaff quaff quaff quaff quaff
I'm Thalassocracy
And you're just Romanov ov ov
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