• Song:

    Someone To Watch Over Me

  • Artist:

    Frank Sinatra

  • Album:

    New York, New York

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A       A7          D      Ddim     A              Cdim  E7      C#dim 
There's a somebody I'm longing to see, I hope that she, turns out to be. 
Bm          Dm E7    A          F#7    B7      E7 
Someone who'll watch over me. 
A     A7              D         Ddim  A     Cdim   E7       C#dim   
I'm a little lamb who's lost in a wood, I know I could, always be good. 
Bm        Dm  E7    A       D       A       A7 
To one who'll watch over me. 
            D                                                        A 
Although she may not be the girl some men would think of as lovely. 
  Ab7                  C#7   E7 
To my heart she carries the key----- 
A         A7              D          Ddim   A        Cdim E7     C#dim 
Won't you tell her please to put on some speed, follow my lead, oh how I need. 
D        Dm   E7 A         D       A 
Someone to watch over me.
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