• Song:

    4 Simple Words

  • Artist:

    Frank Turner

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i've only managed to work out the first verse and chorus, i couldn't work out 
where it goes all punk rock! not fully correct but sounds about right! but here it is:

Strumming pattern for verse is a single down strum for each chord
                       CBecause (x32010@1)we're all so very, 
                 Etwenty (022100@1)first century,
        Amyou're (x02210@1)probably listening to me,
                 Don (xx0232@1)some form of portable stereo.
               CMaybe (x32010@1)you're sitting on the back of the bus,
                         E (022100@1)or it's running up your sleeve and you're across from your boss,
            Amor (x02210@1)you're sitting in your bedroom all alone,
                     Fmaj7with (1x3210@1)the lights down low (oh so low).

Same strumming pattern for bridge

             Dmi'd (xx0231@1)like to teach you four simple words,
        Gso (320003@1)the next time you come to a show,
         Cyou (x32010@1)can sing those words back at me,
                 Fmaj7like (1x3210@1)they're the only words that you know.

Strumming pattern for chorus is: D D U D U x2 per chord

           CI (x32010@1)want to dance,
            EI (022100@1)want to dance,
        Am (x02210@1)                               DI (xx0232@1)want lust and love and tattering our romance,
                     CBut (x32010@1)i'm no good at dancing,
                         EAnd (022100@1)yeah i have to do something,
 Am (x02210@1)                                            DTonight (xx0232@1)i'll play it straight, i wanna take my chance
            CI (x32010@1)want to dance

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