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    Frank Turner

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Isabel BY Frank Turner from Poetry of The Deed


   B (Em) B (Em)
So now the years are rolling by, and it’s not long since you and I

           Abm                    E  F#  B
could have been train drivers and astronauts

   B (Em) B (Em)
And now we’re stuck in furnished ruts, but yet the thing that really cuts

           Abm                E  F#  B (Em)
is that we can’t remember how we got caught

  B (Em)  B (Em)
Filtered air,computer screens, muffled sighs and might-have-beens –

           Abm                          E     F#  B (Em)
count your blessings, then breathe, and count to ten

  B (Em)  B (Em)
And though it doesn’t often show, we are scared because we know

           Abm                   E  F#   Abm
our forefathers were farmers and fishermen

Abm               Eb                E          F#    
       And so the world has changed, worse or better’s hard to tell,

       Eb           E             F#
but my hope remains    within the arms of Isabel

   B (Em) B (Em)
So now our calloused hands once told a story honest as it’s old

          Abm       E  F#    B
of sowing seeds and setting sail.

   B (Em) B (Em)
But now our hands are soft and weak and working seven days a week

            Abm                     E     F#  Abm
at these salvation schemes that are bound to fail

back to chorus

   C#m                            Bm       F#
   And I’ll admit that I am scared of what I don’t understand.

C#                                Bm        F#
    But darling, if you’re there, gentle voice and soothing hands

C#                       Bm    F#                    
   Eb                      E
    to quiet my despair,    to shore up all my plans,      darling, if you’re there...

Abm              Eb                 E     F#         
      And so the world has changed,  and I must change as well

    Eb                  E         F#             Abm
The machines we’ve made   will damn us into hell

        Eb            E      F#                     Abm
And the time will come when all must save themselves.

       Eb          E        F#
I will save my soul in the arms of Isabel

outro  B (Em)  Abm  E  F#
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