• Song:

    Bwana Dik

  • Artist:

    Frank Zappa

Bwana Dik Frank Zappa from Fillmore East
                  F#(riff) (244322@1)                     F#(riff) (244322@1)   
And if his dick is a monster If his dick is a monster
                         A7 (x02020@1)                                E (022100@1)name="chord_022100@1">E D (xx0232@1)name="chord_022100@1">E
If his dick is a monster  they will give him their hearts 
Over Em7 (Spoken)
Hold it! Please hold it! My God, Madge . . . you voluptuous New York City slit . . . 
Why didn't you tell me before? It was so hard to tell with your little blousey-poo 
on, but . . .
Now that I see you . . . I would have helped . . I didn't know you were so 
obviously . . . PREGNANT . . . 
ends with B7
Em7           A (x02220@1)              Em (022000@1)                   C (x32010@1)B7I've (x21202@1)got the thing you need I am endowed beyond your wildest
 Em (022000@1)            A (x02220@1)    Em (022000@1) C (x32010@1)            B7 (x21202@1)            EmClearasil-spattered (022000@1)fantasies Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah . . . 
C (x32010@1)     D (xx0232@1)        Em (022000@1)                 C (x32010@1)          D (xx0232@1)         EmGirls (022000@1)from all over the world, flock to write my name on the toilet walls
F (133211@1)   G (320003@1)  E (022100@1)           F (133211@1)   G (320003@1)C (x32010@1) B7 (x21202@1)    C (x32010@1)      B7 (x21202@1)Of the Whisky ? Go-Go, for I am Bwana Dik I am Bwana Dik 
C (x32010@1)            B7 (x21202@1)    C (x32010@1)  B7Me (x21202@1)Bwana Dik, No! Me Bwana Dik 

(F#m7    E ) x 2 Arpeggios Drum Cue
F#m7 (131141@2)       E (022100@1)       F#m7 (131141@2)      EMy (022100@1)dick is a monster  Give me your heart 
Bwana Dik is a legend, enormous thou art 
F#m7 (131141@2)         E (022100@1)     F#m7 (131141@2)        E (022100@1)My dick is a Harley you kick it to start 
Bwana Dik speaks the heavens will part 
F#m7 (131141@2)        E (022100@1)     F#m7 (131141@2)        E (022100@1)My dick is a dagger  I'll force it to fit
F#m7 (131141@2)         E (022100@1)         F#m7 (131141@2)           EMy (022100@1)dick is a reamer, baby, to scream up your slit 
D (xx0232@1)       G (320003@1)              BSteam (x2444x@1)it! Ream it! Cream it!

Into Latex Sauna Beef

B (x2444x@1)name="chord_022100@1">E  D (xx0232@1)B (x2444x@1) A (x02220@1)  A (x02220@1)          Mud Shark
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