• Song:

    Harder Than Your Husband

  • Artist:

    Frank Zappa

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Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 12:05:31 -0400
From: Bruce Bowman

Frank Zappa

(This isn't quite right, but it sounds okay. Corrections appreciated (to ikc@tds.net).
Boom-chuck strumming as indicated works pretty well. The more country-sounding, the better.)

           Ae|-------|---0---0---0---0-|---0---0-----------| (x02220@1)B|-------|---2---2---2---2-|---2---2-----------|

[G]We must say good-[A]bye, there's no [D]need for you to [G]cry 
It's [C]better that I [G]tell you this to-[D]night 
Our [G]affair has been quite [A]heated,
You thought [D]I was what you [G]needed 
But the [D]time has come, my [A]darlin' 
To [G]set [A]things [D]right
  I'll be [D]harder than yer husband to get a[A]long with 
  [G]Harder than yer [A]husband every [D]night 
  I'll be [C]harder than yer [G]husband, [C]harder than yer [G]husband 
  An' [Em]I don't want our [G]love affair to [D]end with a [A]fight 

You been [G]like a little [A]angel, how you [D]loved me 
An' I a[C]ppreciate the [G]warmth of your em[D]brace 
Well, the [G]world don't need to [A]know how I a[D]dored you   [G]
But the [D]time has come, my [A]darlin' 
T' tell you this [G]face [A]to [D]face... 


So it's [G]adios, [A]adios, my little [D]darlin'   {Adios my darlin'...} 
Keep that [C]hankie that I [G]gave you for when you [D]cried 
There are [G]things that trouble [A]me, 
And I'm [D]sure that you must [G]see 
That it [D]breaks my heart the [A]same as yours 
When [G]we say [A]good-[D]bye 

[C]Harder than yer [G]husband 
[C]Harder than yer...   [G]much, much, much 
[C]Harder than yer [G]husband 
[C]Harder than yer...   [G]much, much, much 
[C]Harder than yer [G]husband 
[C]Harder than yer...   [G]much, much, much 
[C]Harder than yer [G]husband 
[C]Harder than yer...

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