• Song:

    Mom And Dad

  • Artist:

    Frank Zappa

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From: chuck@spectrum.cs.unsw.oz.au (Mark Andrew Hawling)

"Mom & Dad" - Frank Zappa

This is from the Frank Zappa Songbook and appeared on the Mothers album
"Were Only In It For The Money".

Em* (022000@1)  Em7      Fmaj9 (103010@1)CsusD  DsusE  EsusF#          DsusE
       Mama!    Mama!  Some - one    said  they made some noise

         CsusD     Cmaj9b5  F (133211@1)       Em* (022000@1)the cops have shot some     girls and boys.

C6/9 (x32233@1)     Am9 (x02413@1)    DsusE     Fmaj9 (103010@1)    C6/9 (x32233@1)     Am9You'll (x02413@1)sit home and drink all night they looked too weird it

DsusE       Em* (022000@1)served them right.

(repeat the above)

Ever take a minute just to show a real emotion,

in between the moisture cream and velvet facial lotion?

Bbmaj9 (x10211@1)       Abmaj9 (43534x@1)    Bbmaj9 (x10211@1)           Abmaj9Ever (43534x@1)tell your kids you're glad that they can think?

Bbmaj9 (x10211@1)     Abmaj9 (43534x@1)         Bbmaj9 (x10211@1)           Abmaj7Ever (xx4321@3)say you loved them? Ever let them watch you drink?

Ever wonder why your daughter looked so sad? It's

                                           Em* (022000@1)such a drag to love a plastic Mom and Dad.

       F6/9 (100011@1)     CsusD DsusE EsusF#                DsusE
Mama!  Mama! Your child was   killed in the park to-day,

     CsusD              F (133211@1)     Em* (022000@1)Shot by the cops as she quietly lay.

C6/9 (x32233@1) Am9 (x02413@1)       DsusE      Fmaj9 (103010@1)               EmBy (022000@1)the side of the creeps she knew. They killed her too.

The chord shapes are

Em7 Fmaj9 CsusD DsusE EsusF# Cmaj9b5 F

C6/9 Am9 F6/9 Bbmaj9 Abmaj9 Abmaj7

Also the opening riff which reappears through out the song (marked as Em *) is


The ending tacet is:

 They killed her  too.

The last chord should be played as an arpeggio.

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