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I saw this on mtv.com in the live section
This song caught my ear the first time i heard it, it's a beautiful song with 2 guitars.
I had to learned it and said minus well share and tab this for everyone. Its exactly the
way they played it. My second tab i ever made, email me if you have any questions

Standard Tuning

Frankie J - How to deal

Guitar #1 - Verse and Chorus

       A6    Bm    G     A

e |----5-----7-----3-----5----|
b |----7-----7-----3-----5----|
g |----6-----7-----4-----6----|  Repeat
d |----7-----9-----5-----7----|
a |----5-----9-----5-----7----|
E |----5-----7-----3-----5----|

Guitar #2 - Verse and Chorus

e |------------------------------------------------9h109--------------------|
b |-----------10------------------------------------------10\------7-7~-----|
g |-11--7--9------7~7--9--11------7-6-7---9---11~---------------------------|   
d |--------------------------9~---------------------------------------------|
a |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|

                                  R e p e a t
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