• Song:

    Come On Home

  • Artist:

    Franz Ferdinand

  • Album:

    2004-06-25: Glastonbury...

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Franz Ferdinand - Come on home
Submitted By: oasisguru
EMail: oasisguru@hotmail.com

I think there were no decent versions of this WONDERFUL song on the net before this,which
is so strange since its so easy!
This is my favourite song on the album, definitely, but, it was hard picking it, since 
album is great, as you already might know.

This is the main riff tab: you know how the song goes, with the fast alternate picking,
so i'll just write the note you have to "torture" once with some ^^, i cant write every 
100 times, no? :-)


Although my lover lives
In a place where I can't live
I kind of find I like a
life This lonely
It rips and pierces me
In places I can't see
I love the rip of nerves The
rip that wakes me

So I'm dissatisfied
I love to satisfy
I love to feel as though there's
more that I need

here strum once, or do arpeggios of the chords:

F           C
So come on home
F           C
So come on home
F            Am    F   Am     F    G (keeps on G on this instumental bit)
So come on - hoooooome hooooooooooooome............................

the rest of the song has the same chords, so here's just the lyrics:

You're where you want to be
I'm where I want to be
Come on we're chasing
Everything we've ever wanted
I Replace you easily
Replace pathetically
I flirt with every flighty thing
That falls my way
But how I needed you
When I needed you
Let's not forget
We are so strong
So bloody strong

Come on home
So come on home
So come on - home, home

this is the coda, here chords are arpeggios... but nothing in particular, really!

Blue light falls
E                  C
Upon your perfect skin
            E             Am
Falls and you draw back again
            E            Am
Falls and this is how I fell
   E            Am
And I cannot forget
E           Am     F           C
I cannot forget - - - Come on home
F           C
So come on home
F                     C
But don't forget to leeeeeeave...

Hope you enjoyed, any comments, please just write!
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