• Song:

    Twilight Omens

  • Artist:

    Franz Ferdinand

  • Album:

    Tonight: Franz Ferdinan...

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Twilight Omens 



Dm           G             C          F
I wrote your name upon the back of my hand

       Dm         Em              Dm               Em
slept upon then i woke up with it backwards on my face

        Dm               F              Am
reading forwards from my mirror to my heart


C  G     Dm          F                     Am
Twilight omens in my life then i hear your name

F              Am            F                    Am  
hear the radio sing your name should i give you a call

            Dm            Am
what can i say? maybe you still feel the same

VERSE (same chords)

I typed your numbers into my calculator where it spelled a dirty word
when you turned it upside down
you can turn my dirty world the bright way round



Dm G C F Dm Em Am

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