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fred neil


by jason 'jaytalitay' dunne 

email : jaytalitay@hotmail.com

standard tunning : E A D G B E 

i seen only one song of niel young and it aint this onr so here are the cords to dolphins . . . . . 

intro :

        | A | A | A7 | A7 |


         A             A7
          sometimes i think about
         Bm      E
          saturday's child
         A      A7
          and all about the times
         Bm                    E
          when we were running wild.

chorus :
             Bm                 E                A    A7
         ive been searching for the dolphins in the sea.
          Bm                    E           A       A7
            ah, but sometimes i wonder, do you ever think of me?

verse 2 :

this old world will never change
the way its been
and our ways of war 
cant change it back again.


verse 3 :

lord, im not the one to tell
this old world how to get along
i only know that peace will come
when al our hate is gone.


outro :

        A               A7
         this old world will never change 
        A               A7
         this old world will never change
         this old world
         will never change. 


it brakes your hart dont it :(
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