• Song:

    Tights In White Satin

  • Artist:

    Fred Wedlock

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Em              D      Em            D 
Tights in white satin, And nurses in suede,
C       G          F                 Em 
Nuns in suspenders, And saucy French maids
Em          D         Em         D
White satin nighties, Squeals of delight,
C            G      F                 Em
Anne Summers party, At our house last night

          A        C 
 And they love it, Yes they love it,
             Em        D  Em  D 
 Oh how they love it...

Em         D          Em          D
Maggie was modelling, A bikini so brief,
C                G       F                Em 
She could easily use it, For flossing her teeth
Em        D       Em                D
Vicky's a virgin, There's really no doubt,
C              G      F                     Em            
She tried a vibrator, And her fillings fell out
Em               D       Em                  D   
Susie saw one in tartan, "Can I try it?" she asked
C                  G     F                 Em
"No way", said the lady, That's my thermos flask
Em           D        Em                D
Ticklers and teasers, To tempt your old man,
C                 G         F                     Em
Magazines full of pictures, You can read with one hand 

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