A5                             G5
Now, Journey across a spooky land
You hold in your hand
a sword that shoots laser beams
Won't you feel like a man
dressed up like Peter Pan
      B5                       E5
on a quest greater than your dreams
           E5                E5
Than your dreams, than your dreams
fleemy geemy deemy

E5           A5
Super Mario RPG
      G5                    A5      D5
The game is the only one just for me
When I play the game, I get lost in a phase
 D5                                  B5
Then I find out I'm stuck in Geno's Maze

     E5                  A5
The theme song from the Dark World
It's a dark place
That's menacing
     E5 A5 B5 A5
And dark (really dark)

  C5                           F5                 C5
Shapes made of four colored blocks like a T or a box
Come down like falling bricks
Bb5                    F5                   C5
You can place them in rows, but everybody knows
That they made this game for chicks
 F5        C5         F5        C5
Your mom loves it - Mine does too
 F5      C5       F5               C5
Call me sexist, bitch it's still true
(just kidding)

A5                      G5
Bike - Nigga stole my bike
Nigga stole my bike
Nigga stole my bike

F#5        E5
I am Mega Man
      B5       D5
I'm blue and cyan
      F#5           F#5
The creation of Dr. Light
or "Right" if you are from Japan
               D5   E5
Also known as Rockman
F#5                F#5
My Mega Buster can cut the mustard
 B5               C#5    E5   F#5
I'm a flustered amputee POW POW!
Eight robot bosses in eight levels
dishevel and revel in devilry,
 C#5                     C#5
I'll steal their weaponry

( F#5  E5 )
Final Fantasy is an RPG
The only one that I need
It's the Rpg for me!
Final Fantasy is all that I play
All other games are lame
It puts them all to shame!
( G#5  C#5  F#5 )   (3x)
I only play games that are popular
I only buy the games the magazines tell me to buy!
That way I know I get good games for sure
   E5                          G#5           C#5 C#5
I may have a shallow mind, but you can kiss my be - hind

Punch punch falcon punch
G#5               D#5
Fa fa-fa-falcon punch punch punch
Punch punch falcon punch
      G#5   A#5   D#5  A#5  D#5
Pa-pa-pa pa pa pa Fal-con Punch!
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