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G... (intro)

D7                G
Well I travel the higway I make many scenes
                                  A7         D
Being lost in darkness, I've been out on the streets
          G                              C
I feel so unhappy, sometimes I wanted to die, Lord
         Em                    D                    G
But if I have your sweet sweet love, I know I'll survive

This whole world is turning, like wheels on a train
                          A                  D
I hold on to each moment, that it won't come again
           G                              C
I'm not educated, but there's one thing I know
                   Em    D                G
That I'd rather be blind, than to see you go

Em                           Bm
I thank god for strong woman, who knows how to be weak
C                                   G
And it makes me feel so good, every time she speaks
Em                Bm
Oh the revelation, the revelation in her smile
C7                                        D7
It feels so much like in heaven, when I'm with her for just a little while

So don't leave me darling, no, whatever you do
                                A7              D
When I'm standing beside you, I know we'll get through
                  G                                   C7
and there is only one thing, babe, that I want you to know,
                   Em    D
that I'd rather be blind, than to see you go.


et cetera
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