• Song:

    Dont Walk Out

  • Artist:

    Free Beer

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I am going to post the chords/ tabs for the solos when I get time sit down with my lead guitarist.
This song is our 1st post as a band. We hope you enjoy it as it should be.

Artist: Free Beer
Song Name: Dont Walk Out


Solos (except intro)
Rhythm/ Bass plays G, D, C twice, then E, D, C, G twice

Intro Solo 1 Medley

Verse 1
                     G (320003@1)                 
Sitting on a half drunk mason jar
                     DStrumming (xx0232@1)on a half strung box guitar
                     CI (x32010@1)dont care if we make it too far
                     GCuz (320003@1)I like it just fine right where we are
                     GDirty (320003@1)work boots for my soap box
                     DUnderneath (xx0232@1)there are holes in my mismatched sox
                     CSitting (x32010@1)on the porch with a drink on the rocks
                     GSinging (320003@1)bout the girl with the golden locks


GIt (320003@1)goes Hey Hey Baby
  DThats (xx0232@1)what Im talking about
  CHey (x32010@1)Hey Baby
  GTurn (320003@1)around
  GHey (320003@1)Hey Baby 
  DThats (xx0232@1)what Im talking about
  CHey (x32010@1)Hey Baby
  GDont (320003@1)walk out

Solo 2

Verse 2
                     GSometimes (320003@1)I feel like Im running in place
                     DI (xx0232@1)cant seem to get ahead of this rat race
                     CThats (x32010@1)when I drift away to a special place
                     GWith (320003@1)a touch of your hand and smile on your face

Repeat Chorus

  EYou (022100@1)know what you want but
  GYou (320003@1)dont know what you need
  DYou (xx0232@1)wanna be tied up
  CYou (x32010@1)wanna be set free
  EWhen (022100@1)life gets tough 
  GYou (320003@1)wanna run away
  DI (xx0232@1)need to let you go 
  CI (x32010@1)wanna make you stay

Solo 3

Guitars are clean w drum break (march)

Repeat Verse 1

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