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    Free Chapel

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A (x02220@1)     E (022100@1)    B (x2444x@1)        A (x02220@1)     E (022100@1)     BUnending, (x2444x@1)but always on time
		A (x02220@1)     E (022100@1)    B (x2444x@1)        A (x02220@1)     E (022100@1)     BUnfailing, (x2444x@1)but never unkind
		A (x02220@1)     E (022100@1)    B (x2444x@1)        A (x02220@1)     E (022100@1)     BUnmerited, (x2444x@1)Favor is mine
		A (x02220@1)     E (022100@1)    B (x2444x@1)        

F#m (244222@1)   Abm (133111@4) A (x02220@1)B (x2444x@1)         
Oh but I receive your 
		E (022100@1)                           D (xx0232@1)     
Grace, Lord your grace
		         A (x02220@1)             AOh (x02220@1)I need it, I receive it
		       E (022100@1)               DIm (xx0232@1)amazed, so amazed
       A (x02220@1)                   A (x02220@1)              (cut)
When I see it, I am speechless

A (x02220@1)                   E (022100@1)           BYou (x2444x@1)take my breath away
             A (x02220@1)                   E (022100@1)           BYou (x2444x@1)take my breath away, whoa

F#m (244222@1)   Abm (133111@4) A (x02220@1)B (x2444x@1)        F#m (244222@1)   Abm (133111@4) A (x02220@1)B (x2444x@1)          
I receive your     -     I receive your (back to chorus)

DAnd (xx0232@1)you breath life into me, 
             EIm (022100@1)nothing without you
           DWithout (xx0232@1)grace, where would I be
              EIm (022100@1)nowhere without you (repeat)
              B (x2444x@1)      
Im nowhere without you
             A (x02220@1)           ring 
Im nowhere without you

Chorus (soft +build)   Bridge

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