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  • Artist:

    Frenzal Rhomb

  • Album:

    Not So Tough Now

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 Song:    pants
 Release: ??
 Artist:  Frenzal Rhomb
 Author:  Roy Stevenson (are_you_done@yahoo.com)
 Tuning:  E


C#5    G#5  B5        F#5      C#5     G#5   B5    
i walk all around the house in nothing but a shirt
i'm not embarssed to go out it wouldn't be the first
i've looked under everything the place is such a mess
theres stuff to do, i must go out, it's probably for the best

E          G#5     D5    B5
i couldn't find my pants today 
it think it's probably better that way

  C#5     G#5     B5     F#5        C#5     G#5     B5
i used to dream i was at school and running with no pants
this nightmare has become my dream it's difficult to grasp
even though i must avoid a visit from the cops 
theres nothing i love better than to walk up to the shops


break: E5 ; G#5 ; A5 ; B5 
       E5 ; G#5 ; A5 ; B5
       E5 ; G#5 ; A5 ; B5(triplety palm muted feel)
       E5 ; G#5 ; A5 ; B5(again)
chorus  ; first line of first verse.

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