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Could Have Been Tab by Frio

Could Have Been
by Frio

(Updated and Corrected Chorus and Solo Part)
Don't panic if you see to much text on the page, the song is easy and need your understanding.
Mail me for some corrections.



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GTR Tuning: Standard
GTR1 stands for Rythm Guitar.
GTR2 stands for Lead Guitar.
GTRs stands for both.

(Guitar Intro)
GTR1 Intro: G C D Em (2x)
GTR2 Intro: G C D Em
            Em C G D

//Verse 1:

GTRs Verse 1: G D Em C
              Em D Em D

If only I could turn back the time
When all the words we say we can make it rhyme
I just can't get you off my mind
I can only smile when you were mine


GTRs Refrain: Am Bm C
              Am Bm C-D

I've been waiting for you all night long
Gotta listen to your voice on the phone


GTR1 Chorus: G D Em C (3x) (Last Chorus: G D Em C-D-D)
             Em D C9

GTR2 Chorus: G D Em C (3x) (Last Chorus: G D Em C-D-D)
             Em D C9 (after C9, pick e2 and B3)

Could have been a perfect love, I'm still tryin'
I know you've lost your faith in me, now I'm cryn'
I know I've been a such a fool, I've been blinded
Can we just get back to where we've started
'coz i miss your grip and i miss the way you kiss me

//Verse 2:

GTRs Verse 2: G D Em C
              Em D Em D

I know I hurt you have driven you down
Beggin' on my knees
Tell me what should I do
I just can't get you off my mind
I can only smile when you were mine

Repeat Refrain and Chorus.

(Guitar Middle Solo)
GTR1 Solo: G D Em C-D-D
GTR2 Solo:

Repeat Chorus.

(Guitar Ending Solo)
GTR1 Solo: G D Em C-D
GTR2 Solo:

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