Tabbed by: Bj?rn

      C5            A5                 E5
In the nude i'll get up and sing for you
      F5               C5
just to start your day up good
            A5             E5
cause i'll be wreck it someday soon
      F5      G5        A5
it's my nature from the womb

           C5             A5              E5
take your glass and i'll raise mine up to yours
          F5                  C5
and we'll drink for something new
        A5               E5
and we'll mean it yes it's true
      F5              G5         A5
'till tomorrow at least we do

D5 , F5 , C5
D5 , F5 , G5 , C5

      C5               A5                E5
yes it's you,  and it's you that pulls me through
        F5            C5
and my love is oh so pure
           A5                     E5
you're my friend and that's for sure
             F5       G5        A5
and we'll keep running until we fall

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