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Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 15:50:03 -0800 (PST)
From: Jesse Alora 
Subject: TAB: Dark Meat For Sale by The Frogs

DARK MEAT FOR SALE - from "Racially Yours"
written & recorded by THE FROGS - tab by Jesse Alora
The Frogs Web Site: www.geocities.com/Broadway/7100

        G                    D
        Every week it's the same
        G              D
        Dark meat for sale
        G                  D
        And like others I know
        G                       D
        It's hard to pass up a sale
        D                 G
        And at the very least
        Bb              A
        She'll keep me warm
        C                  Em
        Nine months to the day
        C              Em      D
        Field hand is born
        G                   D
        Everyone looks the same
        G              D
        Dark meat for sale
        G                  D
        No one has a last name
        G              D
        "X" marks the sale
        D                           G
        There's a fork around your neck
        Bb             A
        Forks are for food
        C              Em
        It was just a joke
        C               Em    D
        To lighten the mood
        D                      G
        There's a song in the air
        Bb                 A
        The boys start to sing
        C                         Em
        It's as if through their words
        C                   Em      D
        They're plotting something
        G                    D
        Every week it's the same

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