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Dark Autumn Hour by Frontier Ruckus	
Tabbed by: macerror

Tuning: Standard

Capo: 3th

INTRO:	(2x)

    C                                   G
e |-----------------|-----^-|---------|-------------^-|-|-----^-|-----^-|-|
H |-----^-|-----^-|-|-----|-V-----^-|-|-----^-|-----|-V-|-----|-V-----|-|-|
G |-----|-|-----|-V-|-0-----------|-V-|-----|-|-0-------|-0h2---------|-V-|
D |-----|-V-2-------|---------0h2-----|-----|-|---------|---------0-------|
A |-0h3-------------|-----------------|-----|-V---------|-----------------|
E |-----------------|-----------------|-0h3-------------|-----------------|
    1   2 u 3   4 u   1   2 u 3   4 u   1   2 u 3   4 u   1   2 u 3   4 u

    Am                                  Dm                Dm7 
e |-------------^-|-|-----^-|-----^-|-|-----^-|-----^-|-|-----^-|-----^-|-|
H |-----^-|-----|-V-|-----|-|-----|-|-|-----|-|-----|-V-|-1---|-V-----|-V-|
G |-----|-|-2-------|-----|-V-----|-V-|-----|-V-2-------|---------2-------|
D |-----|-V---------|-2-------0h2-----|-0---------------|-----------------|
A |-0---------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
E |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
    1   2 u 3   4 u   1   2 u 3   4 u   1 u 2 u 3 u 4 u   1 u 2 u 3   4 u

Anne, let's die in some dim town
My brown eyes wait to weigh us down
The candles 'round the tub will drown,
 Dm         Dm7
In our afternoons

Music from our evening parlor
Darker than the autumn hour
I gave my child twenty dollars
For tearing at our moons


Dark damp men muddied our house
In my dreams to bleed your blouse
I smiled from my sleep to douse
The horror of this hour

Our boy on dark hills blurry crawling
His rain-glazed shaking porches falling
The homes of all his friends just sprawling,
Withering like flowers


Anne, I've loved you from a boy
No other autumn could destroy
The town our winds fused to enjoy,
Whispering dark farmlands

Tearing moons, these moons are tearing
Swearing terror inside their daring,
Crumbling prayers, dark autumns faring,
Straight out of our hands

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