• Song:

    Its Good To Be In Love

  • Artist:

    Frou Frou

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No one had the chords to this song.
And I got fed up.
So I tabbed it myself!
Post a comment if something is wrong.

F#       Bbm          B     C#
  I don't know where to start
F#       Bbm          B     C#
  Say I'm tired or throw a party.

      F#                Bbm
These cucumber eyes are lying the more
       B      C#
that I smile about it
    F#                          Bbm
And all of my clothes feel like somebody's
           B               C#
old throw-aways; I don't like it.

It's good to be in love
C#                    B
  It really does suit you;
Just like everything
I'm happy you're in love
C#              Ebm  C#
  Cause every color goes where you do.
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